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Help Rwandans Like Clarisse and Eugenie Buy Clean Cookstoves

Heza is pleased to announce a new program by which you can make tax deductible donations that directly subsidize clean burning pellet cookstoves for Rwandan families.

Clarisse Umuhoza -  Help Rwandans like Clarisse buy Clean Cookstoves

Eugenie Uwiduhaye - Help Rwandans like Eugenie buy Clean Cookstoves

Rwanda is experiencing some of the highest food inflation in the world, causing many families to struggle to feed themselves. Clean cooking with pellets costs 30 percent less than cooking with charcoal, the most widely used cooking fuel. But many households cannot afford the nearly US$80 upfront cost of the gasifying stove needed to cook with pellets.

That’s where you come in. Your donation will be passed through in a grant to BioMassters, a Rwandan firm that produces sustainably sourced pellets, enabling them to sell stoves at a deep discount for 40,000 Rwandan francs, about US $32. A similar program BioMassters has conducted with UK based charity LendWithCare, has shown that households that cannot afford stoves at the full retail price jump at the opportunity to buy a subsidized stove. Clients with “skin in the game” from buying their stove at a discount are more likely to use the stove regularly and care for it properly, compared to households who are given stoves for free. With the money households save on fuel, they have more available to buy food.

Please click the Donate button and subsidize one or more stoves at $50 each. Your donation will run through the PayPal Giving Fund and go to ISET, which is Heza’s non-profit fiscal sponsor. ISET will bundle all of the donations into a single grant to BioMassters for the sole purpose of subsidizing stoves. You will receive a charitable contribution letter from PayPal Giving Fund that you can use in your tax filing. Thank you for your generous support.


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