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Heza welcomes your financial support

Thank you for contributing to Heza's Stove Subsidy Campaign, Heza's general support, or both.  
When you click the donate button on the right, you will be routed to a form for the PayPal Giving Fund. There you can indicate the amount you want to donate to our fiscal sponsor, ISET, which will allocate the funds to Heza. PayPal will send you an email confirming the date, amount, and tax deductibility of your donation.  By using this somewhat circuitous channel, we avoid all the transaction fees that PayPal normally charges, so one hundred percent of your contribution can directly support Heza's programs.
If you prefer to contribute the old fashioned way, please make checks payable to ISET and indicate in the memo line that the funds are dedicated to Heza. Mail to ISET, 4770 Lee Circle, Boulder Colorado 80303.

Please include your physical and email address with your check so we can send you a thank you note confirming that it is tax deductible in the U.S. 

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