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How The Biomass Pellet Industry Can Grow 10-Fold and Help Save the Planet

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The $10 billion per year industrial biomass pellet industry could grow 10-fold by capturing the cooking services market in the global south.[1] Three billion people across Africa, Asia, and Latin America spend more than $100 billion per year on dirty cooking fuels including charcoal, firewood, and kerosene.[2] It is a market ripe for disruption by cleaner alternatives, including pellet gasification.

In a recent opinion piece for Bioenergy International, the lead trade journal for the industrial pellet sector, Heza’s Michael Shepard lays out the case for the pellet industry to expand its market and transform its reputation by bringing its capital and expertise to the cooking market in the global south.


[2], also Clean and Improved Cooking in Sub Saharan Africa, World Bank 2014, Figures 16 and 19.



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