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Pellet-fed Gasifer Stoves Approach Gas- Stove Like Performance During In-Home Use in Rwanda

Author: Wyatt M. Champion and Andrew P. Grieshop


This study demonstrated that fan powered gasifying stoves fueled with biomass pellets operate nearly as cleanly as LPG in the field. 

Some highlights:

  • Many stove technologies perform considerably worse in field conditions than in the laboratory, so it is problematic to choose and deploy cooking solutions based solely on lab findings. 

  • This study measured emissions from a variety of stove and fuel combinations in Rwandan homes. It found that gasifying stoves fueled with biomass pellets reduced particulate and carbon monoxide emissions by 84 to 97 percent, compared to traditional stoves.

  • The authors conclude that “pellet stoves have the potential to provide health cobenefits approaching LPG, the current “gold standard” in terms of reducing cookstove pollutant exposures.”

  • Pellet stoves must be operated properly to achieve these benefits, so comprehensive user training is essential.

Key words

pellets, field performance, LPG, gasifier

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